Bynder Asset Workflow

With an increasing number of team members working remotely or from home, project management tools have never been so important. Bynder’s Asset Workflow tool enables team members to collaborate on creative projects in an organised and structured way.

Workflows can be designed for the specific project in mind. starting with a brief to a creative and ending with an approval from the manager or creative lead.

By keeping the whole creative workflow within the digital asset management solution, managers have complete visibility over the whole process and the approved assets can be immediately uploaded into the portal. It also means that creative briefs, comments and annotations cannot be lost or buried in emails, as all information relevant to the project is kept in the workflow. Stakeholders within the workflow have clearly defined roles and tasks, which ensures that there is no confusion when it comes to the roles people are performing to get a job done. All these factors lead to a more efficient and streamlined creative process.

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