Bynder Masterclass September: What's new in Collections and metaproperty options


Our Masterclasses are the perfect way to ensure that you're making the most out of your Bynder solution. In these webinars, we'll detail the benefits and functionality of each feature and reacquaint you with some you may have forgotten.

Join the masterclass and learn about:

- Sharing assets with Collections
- Metaproperty options

5.00pm CEST

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Maryse Weinberg

Host, Bynder

Maryse is an experienced Customer Success Manager in the Amsterdam team at Bynder, with a history of working as a Customer Success Lead in a tech start-up. She ensures the customer gets the most out of our DAM solution and advises them on best practices regarding adoption.

Sylvain Lagarde

Speaker, Bynder - Customer Onboarding Manager

Sylvain is working in the implementation team with a demonstrated history in the project management field. At Bynder, Sylvain is helping customers for the configuration and the integration of Bynder products into the customer environment. Working as a project manager means collaborating with various customers allowing Sylvain to work on specific use cases

Kelsey Tsinzo

Speaker, Bynder - Customer Success Manager

Kelsey is a seasoned Customer Success Manager based in the Boston office. She has a demonstrated history of working with organizations across all verticals and providing top-notch customer service. During her 2 years working at Bynder, she has helped customers maximise ROI and provides ongoing consultation.