Bynder's digital asset management introduction

The Bynder digital asset management portal is an easily accessible way to manage, maintain and organise your digital assets.

Uploading assets to the digital asset bank is a quick and easy process. The assets can be simply dragged from your desktop and dropped into the asset bank. Once the asset has finished uploading, you can assign meta properties to each asset. This means that when you search for the assets in the future, the correct asset is returned.

Searching for assets can be done in a number of ways. But they all use the same mechanism. Bynder uses filters to sort through the assets in your asset bank. These filters rely on the meta properties that are assigned to each asset. Another useful way to filter your assets is by colour using the colour wheel in the toolbar. This is particularly useful for designers who are looking for assets of a specific colour to fit into a design they are working on.

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